Himalayan Salt Brick - P.A.J
Himalayan Salt Brick - P.A.J

Himalayan Salt Brick

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This 2-in-1 multi-use Himalayan Salt Brick exfoliates and transfers 100% Himalayan salt into one's soak and/or foot spa, providing an all natural, mineral rich soaking experience.


  • Soothing
  • Natural
  • Easy Clean-up
  • Multi-use

Length: 7" Width: 4"


Directions: Place in tub under running water or place in foot spa. Feel free to gently exfoliate legs and feet using back, forth and circular motions. After use, rinse and keep dry for future use. 

Keep dry when not in use. 

Due to the natural properties of this product, rough edges may be present. Do not stand directly on Salt Brick as it may become slippery when wet.


Warning: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes or poor circulation. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.



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