Beauty and Bags

Whew Chile ! Bags are not the thing, unless of course they are fashionable yet functional enough to carry all things you need while on the go! In the context of dollar signs, I'm sure we can agree, that is acceptable as well! Beauty comes in the form of personalities and of course looks! So what happens when your bags affect your beauty? If your are scratching your head, buckle up and let's get down to it! 

So light a P.A.J candle, pour some wine and read on!

Bags or what many folks would call baggage, is pretty much crap you hold on to that is weighing you down metaphorically. It is also things that consume your peace of mind, emotional well being or overall energy. I'm a firm believer that stress will show on the surface of YOU and will cause premature ageing and I don't know about you, but I don't want that! The key to dropping off the baggage, is identifying stressors, understand why they are happening and indentifying positive ways to address them and cope with them.

Handling stress and baggage can be achieved in many ways...from excersicing in the gym, going to therapy to simply hanging out with those that give you good vibes. By "good vibes" I do mean GOOD vibes; sessions where you and your bestie sign off on each other bitterness and encourage toxic behavior(rolls eyes) is not positive. Let go of hate and resentment often times we overlook or justify.

It can be hard for you to move away from "getting even" with your coworker who ate your lunch or took credit for a project, maybe it's an ex who dumped you. Whatever the case...whatever your race! Drop off the "bags" and be beautiful inside and out and don't be afraid to have a little "me" time. Remember it takes more energy to be mean, than it does to be kind ;)

Now go be awesome 😎

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